Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pros and Cons of Professional Portfolio

Personal websites, Plaxo, and Linkedin are all great sites for connecting with friends, family, and professionals. It's a great tool for displaying information about yourself.

Personal Website
Pros- This site can be used as a professional webpage. You can design the website by adding your personal touch and having control of what information you want to display. You are not limited to a certain format.

Cons- Networking is not readily available.

Pros- I found the site to be user friendly. I liked that other sites could be linked to this one, for example, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Cons- I found this site to be more social.

Pros- This site can be used as a professional site for networking with professionals, looking for jobs, or to even hire someone.

Cons- I found the site to have many options, but not user friendly.

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