Monday, June 22, 2009

Digital Portfolio Project

Yeah!!!! I finally was able to complete my digital portfolio project. Many thanks to those who helped me work out the kinks. Here is the google site, enjoy.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Digital Portfolio Project

It is really late, my eyes are criss crossing, I am going to bed. I am really struggling with this project. Hopefully, tomorrow I can get it up and running!!!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pros and Cons of Professional Portfolio

Personal websites, Plaxo, and Linkedin are all great sites for connecting with friends, family, and professionals. It's a great tool for displaying information about yourself.

Personal Website
Pros- This site can be used as a professional webpage. You can design the website by adding your personal touch and having control of what information you want to display. You are not limited to a certain format.

Cons- Networking is not readily available.

Pros- I found the site to be user friendly. I liked that other sites could be linked to this one, for example, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Cons- I found this site to be more social.

Pros- This site can be used as a professional site for networking with professionals, looking for jobs, or to even hire someone.

Cons- I found the site to have many options, but not user friendly.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I found LibraryThing to be a great resource to keep track of the books one has read. There are many things one can do on this website. LibraryThing can be used for the following: keep track of books you would like to read, read and write reviews on books, and books are suggested for reading based on previous books read. I really think this is a great website, but I personally don't foresee myself using this due to I don't read a lot. I struggle to even sit down and read for 10 minutes, I like to go go go!!!!!!!!! I have attached the link below to my LibraryThing catalog.

Online Image Generators

I really enjoyed the online generators. My two favorite websites were The Generator Blog and Flickr Toys. On Flickrs Toys I found a couple of features I could use for class like the motivator posters and magazine covers. For certain units I could have students create posters and magazine covers pertaining to the unit they are participating in. The site I chose to post below is the Ben and Jerry's Do the World a Flavor. A person can click the website below and can create their own flavored ice cream. How fun is that!!! I love ice cream, so I could see myself getting carried away with this website. Enjoy.

Ben & Jerry's Do the World A Flavor

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Podcast Discovery....

I still cannot get over how many podcasts are out there!!!! A person can find a podcast on any topic. I liked the podcasts because I can review the podcast on my own time. I can see myself using this tool for my PE classes. I could find a podcast on weight training lifting techniques and tips for my classes to use. The possibilities are endless with this tool.


Here is a video on cat bloopers. Enjoy....