Sunday, May 24, 2009

3 things I found interesting in reading these articles....

Article 1 "Neomillennial User Experience Design Strategies: Utilizing Social Networking Media To Support "Always On" Learning Styles"
  • I found table 4 interesting on how the "Always-On" generation uses technology. It was interesting to see the percentages of how many use IM every week, surfing the web for homework help, using IM or email to talk to teachers, and have used IM to find new friends.
Article 2 "Emerging Technologies Changing Public Library Service Delivery Models"
  • After reading this article it still amazes me how many different programs are out there that I have never used, Wikis, RSS feeds and aggregators, blogs, podcasts, etc. It is definitely important that libraries stay on top of the emerging technologies if they want to attract the community members to continue using there services. People want to use the most current information out there that they can find as fast as possible.

Article 3 "Editorial: Examining Social Software in Teacher Education"
  • After reading this article about the facebook incident, I strongly believe social networking should just be used for personal use only outside of the work force. Why would we want to jeopardize our profession and reputation.

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  1. I also beleive that Facebook is more of a social thing to be used outside of the work place. It could be a very strong tool within the classroom with the right structure and instruction. Like everything else in life. There is good and Bad. It is how we use it that makes the difference. That was a crazy story in the article.